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It's finally here - Liferay Portal 6.1 GA2 : 2012/08/01

Liferay Portal 6.1 CE GA2 Release  (http://www.liferay.com/web/james.falkner/blog/-/blogs/14850038). Here is the evolution of versions (http://www.liferay.com/web/jorge.ferrer/blog/-/blogs/explaining-the-new-versioning-scheme-for-liferay-6):
  1. Preview and Beta (6 Preview 1, Beta 1, 6 Beta 2, ...): There can be zero or more of these types within each minor or major release. These releases are meant for testing and to provide us feedback through the beta testing category in the forums. There can be changes in features between beta releases but in general they won't be major.
  2. Release Candidates (6 RC1, 6 RC2): There can be 0, 1 or more of these right after the beta releases. This are more stable and are meant for those that prefer to wait a little to test the release.
  3. General Availability (6 GA1, 6 GA2, ....): There can be 1 or more of these releases. A General Availability version is released when our engineering team and the QA team based on our own testing and the feedback from the beta testers decide that the release has good quality and can be of general use for the community. Of course this doesn't mean that it's bug free so we keep an eye on the community since at this point many more people start using the version and find new bugs (usually minor). When this happens we fix the issues and release a new GA version. Several GA versions may be made available until the engineering team moves towards releasing an EE release.
  4. Service Packs (6 SP1, 6 SP2, ...): These are maintenance releases will keep coming out for 4 years after the original release date. These releases are only available to customers who have an update service that comes with every Enterprise Edition. To ensure this we have a team dedicated to keep testing and doing corrective improvements to this release to ensure the highest quality. All fixes done in the service packs are also done in svn and will be part also of the next minor or major release. This ensures that all the community benefits from the fact that we can have more people working on QA as more customers buy our Enterprise Edition services.
The following diagram represents this in a graphic form:

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